Dec. 18th, 2009

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Ugh, I have been so busy lately. Holidays and all, I suppose.

A friend I've had since 2nd grade is coming to visit me from Saturday to Monday. I want to come out to her since I've got the ball rolling with T (omg less than a week omg omg), but she's going through a rough time emotionally right now (her fiance of 3 years just dumped her and immediately started dating someone new and is getting married to new girl in January, ugh) and I don't want to add to that. I just hope later she doesn't feel as though I wasn't truthful with her.

I got the H1N1 vaccine yesterday. My arm is semi sore, bleh. Can't lay on it at night. No noticeable side effects yet (hopefully none at all!). This is actually the first time (outside of possibly when I was a little baby) that I have been vaccinated for the flu. I told myself if I found it for free I'd get it, since I thought that wouldn't actually happen. Sure enough, a coworker's mom (who is a nurse) sent us some and I decided to girdle my loins and go through with it. It barely hurt at all; the soreness from the vaccine is actually worse than the vaccine itself was.

The boyfriend and I got off of work from the 23-26, so we'll be with his parents for Christmas instead of bumming around the apartment like we originally planned. Maybe I'll actually get to see a white Christmas this year! I've never seen one before... the part of Georgia I was in only had snow once or twice a year, and only in January or February.

Speaking of the boyfriend, we started making sourdough bread last night and left it out to rise, but forgot that the kitchen gets super cold at night. Which means it barely rose at all. Oops. So it's staying in here with us tonight until it rises properly. Want moar bread!


jame_alec: A young Magneto and Professor X looking at each other. Magneto has a snazzy hat on (Default)

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