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I feel... exactly the same as I did yesterday before getting my shot.

I think a part of me expected that I would feel different somehow, even if I didn't look or sound different. Which is a little silly, but it still seems so odd to me to feel like exactly the same person as I did 24 hours ago when things are going to start changing so much because of yesterday.

The boyfriend got me a cake yesterday (awwwe) to celebrate my first shot. A very manly chocolate on chocolate with crushed chocolate sprinkles cake! It was so divine I could not eat more than one slice, or I would have risked dying of diabetic shock.

I didn't notice it yesterday until after I got to work, but literally everything I was wearing or carrying (shirt, undershirt, jacket, backpack, cane, pants) was blue. When I realized it I went "Gee, do you think I'm overcompensating?", hehe.

I'm mildly nervous about meeting up with the boyfriend's family today. His mom's nice enough, but slips terribly with my pronouns. It's going to be incredibly disheartening if I have to deal with that after 24 hours of going YEAH YEAH T AWESOME TRANSITION YAY.
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