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Good lord, today was... interesting.

Got up and ate breakfast lunch dinner and went to Callen-Lorde to pick up my T prescription. The last prescription I got didn't have my legal name on it, and I didn't notice it until after I left and was on my way back home, so I had to come back another day to drop off the prescription for a re-write. When I went to pick it up today it had my legal name on it. So I went to the pharmacy Callen-Lorde works with to fill it. The boyfriend and I get some pizza, come back, and are greeted with "Oh, sorry, we couldn't fill this, it doesn't have a stamp on it."

Thankfully Callen-Lorde is open until 8 on Mondays! So we run back up a few blocks to Callen-Lorde to get it stamped. "Oh, all the doctors are gone! Let me see if I can find someone to help."

So we waited maybe 10 minutes and a prescription is brought back to me. Still no stamp, but I'm told this doesn't need a stamp for... some reason. I forget. All that was on my mind at that point was rushing back to the pharmacy before they close. So the boyfriend and I hightail it back to the pharmacy and I ask them to make sure it's all okay. After a 10 minute wait for the pharmacist to take a look at it (it was super busy there today, so that at least wasn't just dropping the ball) she told me it was fine, except she couldn't give me 10 mL like the prescription said. Since my starting dose for the first month is 0.5 mL, she can only give me 6 mL because of a state law about the number of days of dosage you can fill at any given time. Because having 10 mL for four months would be so much worse than having 10 mL for three months, I suppose. In the end she just gave me 6 mL, which at this point I don't care about because at least I've got it.

Tomorrow I get my first T shot, then I go to work (right after! Ick!), then the day after we go to the boyfriend's parents' house for Christmas. I maintain that this is the best Christmas present ever. Except for the work part.

Also, the 6 mL was in 6 1 mL bottles. Wtf?

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Date: 2009-12-23 05:02 pm (UTC)
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Pharmacy bureaucracy can get really odd at times. O_o I don't even know... It's like everyone is too terrified of making mistakes all the time, so it ends up being just a big hassle for the customers.

In any case, have a great Christmas!


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