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I made it to NYC.

I can't tell if the people I pass are staring at me because they can't figure out my gender, if I'm imagining it, or if it's normal for people to just stare at other people.

My luggage sort of exploded on the room. I'm unpacking in bursts... yesterday was hard on my back. I took half a 7.5 mg hydrocodone. It made me loopy, but it was better than the burning pain that was traveling down to my elbows.

The flights were okay. We had a lot of time to chill out and eat at our layover in Pittsburgh. I felt stupid going through security because I didn't know what to do, but I imagine everyone does. I accidentally went through the metal detector without taking my phone out of my pocket, not thinking of it as being made of metal. D'oh.

I think I'm still kind of worn out. Maybe I should nap or something.

Being up here still doesn't feel real. I doubt it will for a few weeks at least.

I'm kind of afraid to leave the apartment alone because I might get lost. I was always horrid with directions.
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