Aug. 24th, 2009

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The past couple of months have been such a ride.

I'm a bit disappointed, since I intended to get on T before going to NYC, but health issues kept me from doing that (it took until this weekend to stop being in and out of doctors offices every free day I had).

However, I gathered up my courage and called Callen-Lorde to make an appointment. Yeah, it doesn't sound like much, but phones already scare me and making an appointment to get hormones was even scarier to me. I was afraid of someone being rude or something, I guess.

I talked to two different guys, both of which were nice enough. The first had to transfer me, and once the second confirmed I wanted transgender services he set up an account and appointment for me. I wussed out and gave them my legal name (it still scares me to introduce myself as James), but they said I needed photo ID and proof of address, both of which will still have my birth name on it, so I guess that didn't work out too badly. I'll ask if they can put in my file to call me the right name or something.

October 8th is the day. Further away than I'd like, but I suppose I can't expect to get in sooner given the circumstances. That should allow time for something to get mailed to me as proof of address as well, so it all works out.


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